Our Investment Notebook is called Portfolio Management Jar ("PM Jar").

PM Jar is a database dedicated to the study of how famous investors make portfolio construction & management decisions, and a crucial intellectual toolkit that powers the investment process at Marram.

The investment community is obsessed with uncovering the best or newest ideas of famous investors. But is owning the same ideas of famous investors enough to insure your own long-term investment success? If only the investment game was that simple!

We believe that the source of long-term investment success of many famous investors stems from a series of other nuanced decisions, specifically those related to portfolio construction & management. In other words, there’s a good deal of investment magic that happens after good ideas have been found. 

Therefore, we created PM Jar, a database of portfolio construction & management advice from great investors, searchable by Topic & by Investor.  All content within the PM Jar Database is timeless, cumulative, and will continue to expand over time.

We hope you will explore the PM Jar to better understand how Marram approaches the investment of capital.